Extra Space to Garden in 2016

It’s nearly time to reserve your spot in Madrid’s new Community Garden. Next spring, twenty-six raised garden beds will be located within the newly installed fenced area. These small garden beds are perfect for using the square foot gardening method and are meant to provide gardeners with a spot to raise a small amount of fresh produce or flowers during the gardening season.

The free gardens will be allocated on a first come, first-serve basis beginning November 5, 2015, to any resident over the age of 18 with a Madrid address. Be sure to watch the November 5 edition of The Madrid Register News or on the Madrid Community Garden page for information on applying for a garden bed. If you have questions before that date feel free to contact Rhonda Bingman at 515-480-7017 or Deanna Fisher at 514-360-0013.

Madrid Chamber of Commerce