Madrid Community Gardens

Garden plots of 4 x 4 foot or a 4 x 8 foot raised beds are available in the Madrid Community Garden, located at the end of West 4th St. Reserve a gardens for a $20 refundable deposit. These small garden plots will produce lots of fresh vegetables to feed your family. Depending on the size of plot you choose and the type of plants you decide to use, you can harvest and plant again for a fall crop. Compact planting prevents weed growth and conserves water. Your crops can be reached easily from all sides of the garden bed. Gardeners will be asked to help with basic tasks such as weed control and garden bed cleanup as needed.

The Gardens are open to anyone with a Madrid address. For more information or to reserve your bed, please contact Rhonda Reynolds Bingman at 515-480-7017. The number of plots is limited.

Madrid Chamber of Commerce