Meet a MAC Member: BOM Fitness and Wellness Coaching

BOM Fitness and Wellness Coaching is a 24/Jolynne BOM Fitness7 facility that offers full service fitness equipment, personal training, wellness coaching, and group fitness classes. Members have full-time access to equipment and can participate in many group classes free of extra charge.

In 2015, Jolynne Carlson held a grand re-opening for a gym that had existed for around 20 years. When she purchased the gym, she assessed what already existed and the potential for improvement and growth. The grand re-opening highlighted the upgrade of equipment and opportunities.

Jolynne has a passion for seeing people actively pursue their healthiest lifestyle, and loves that she gets to be a part of that process through BOM Fitness. “It’s a family down here,” she says, “Everyone is bonded through the goal of being healthy.”

When asked what she likes best about being a small business in Madrid, Jolynne explained the unique opportunities available in a small community. She expressed that she enjoys being able to be personally acquainted with her members, and how she loves witnessing each individual’s dedication and improvement.

“The other businesses in the community know you,” she noted, “Everyone is supporting everybody.”

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