Meet a MAC Member: Dance Driven

Katie, owner of Dance DrivenDance Driven recently celebrated its 10th year as a business. Katie Waddell, director and owner of Dance Driven, began the business when she moved to the Madrid area. A mother of three, and secretary of the Madrid Area Chamber of Commerce, Katie has had previous experience as an elementary and special education teacher, and also as a cheer instructor.

When the business first opened, there were 15 enrollments. Since, then, numbers have grown each year. This year, there were just over 500 enrollments. Katie mentioned that the business is on its third location due to growth.

Dance Driven offers instruction in ballet, point, tap, jazz, tumbling, and taekwondo. In addition, it holds a Daddy-Daughter dance each year, giving proceeds to the Madrid Easter egg hunt. A cancer fundraiser is also an annual event important to Dance Driven. Dance Driven is also planning to partner with Kids Create to host art classes. The business currently employs four instructors, two student helpers, and two office assistants.

When asked what she likes most about being a business in Madrid, Katie replied, “We have a lot of support from the community. I love the small-town atmosphere.”

Meet a MAC Member: Madrid Automotive

Madrid Automotive Owner RogerMadrid Automotive has been a business since the 70s, first under the name K-L Auto Parts. In 1986, Roger Peterson purchased the store. It has moved locations several times throughout the years, but has been in its current location since 1998.

Roger has lived in Madrid since third grade. In 1979, he purchased a gas station from his father in-law and called it Roger’s 66. Since then, he has been owner of several auto-related businesses.

Madrid Automotive is an independently owned business with a large supply of auto parts made available to its customers. Shelves are restocked nightly, thanks to shipments that come five days a week, so customers are sure to have whatever parts they need within a day or two. The business also offers small engine repairs for items such as lawn mowers and other small pieces of equipment.

Having been the owner of the business for over thirty years, Roger remarks, “I’ve enjoyed it, or I wouldn’t still be doing it!”

Roger, on his favorite part about being a small business owner in Madrid, says “Knowing my customers’ names. I get to treat them like my neighbors, because most of them are my neighbors.”

Meet a MAC Member: BOM Fitness and Wellness Coaching

BOM Fitness and Wellness Coaching is a 24/Jolynne BOM Fitness7 facility that offers full service fitness equipment, personal training, wellness coaching, and group fitness classes. Members have full-time access to equipment and can participate in many group classes free of extra charge.

In 2015, Jolynne Carlson held a grand re-opening for a gym that had existed for around 20 years. When she purchased the gym, she assessed what already existed and the potential for improvement and growth. The grand re-opening highlighted the upgrade of equipment and opportunities.

Jolynne has a passion for seeing people actively pursue their healthiest lifestyle, and loves that she gets to be a part of that process through BOM Fitness. “It’s a family down here,” she says, “Everyone is bonded through the goal of being healthy.”

When asked what she likes best about being a small business in Madrid, Jolynne explained the unique opportunities available in a small community. She expressed that she enjoys being able to be personally acquainted with her members, and how she loves witnessing each individual’s dedication and improvement.

“The other businesses in the community know you,” she noted, “Everyone is supporting everybody.”

Meet a MAC Member: Modern Woodmen

Travis, MAC PresidentTravis Risvold is both the president of the Madrid Area Chamber of Commerce (MAC) and a financial representative for Modern Woodmen, one of many businesses that are a part of MAC.

Travis resides in Madrid with his wife, Lisa, and their son, Isaiah. While the Modern Woodmen office in Madrid did not open officially until November of 2015, the business is a fraternal society that has been operating for over one hundred years. Its mission is to improve quality of life for its members via support of family life, community impact, and financial security.

Since it is a fraternal society, Modern Woodmen is a nonprofit owned by members. Contrary to misconceptions, the business exists to aid in financial planning, not simply to take money. Modern Woodmen is set up in chapters, which are made up of groups of members in specific areas. Various chapter activities, such as events at nearby restaurants or volunteer opportunities, exist to provide opportunities to members to volunteer, socialize, and learn.

Modern Woodmen offers Madrid services that include life and health insurance, money management assistance, and family financial planning. College scholarships for young members are also available.

When asked what the best part of being a small business in Madrid is, Travis replied “Madrid has an atmosphere of people wanting to go somewhere.” He also expressed the benefits of a tight-knit community and its support of people, as well as what a safe and enjoyable community exists in Madrid.

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