Tasler finds Passion and Success with Brutal Genesis Iowa

Rick Tasler became interested in fighting techniques when he realized that he wanted to become a police officer. He started in TaeKwonDo and later added mixed martial arts (MMA). In 2010, Tasler took over Brutal Genesis.

Brutal Genesis hosts fights in Boone and Fort Dodge. Tasler says Brutal Genesis is a business. There’s paperwork, fees, taxes, athletes, doctors, EMTs, officer security, judges and referees to arrange for each fight. Then each fight needs to be promoted so tickets can be sold.

Tasler loves to see athlete improve and grow. He also appreciates the level playing field a fight provides–it doesn’t matter where one comes from. During a fight, they have to use their skills to win.

Tasler recently purchased Midwest Cage Championship, which hosts fights in Des Moines. More details about Tasler’s experiences with MMA can be found in the recent Madrid Register News article, “Tasler Shows a Deep Love for Mixed Martial Arts.

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