Tribute to Coach Hinkel

A man who helped boys become men,
to take their licks but get back up again.

A man whose home was in the Jungle,
who strived to win but remained humble.

A man who was like a father to more than a few,
and was the real deal to a special two.

 A man who united our little town,
over a ball and “another Tiger touchdown.”

A man who knew it was more than a game,
who forced the whole state to remember our name.

 A man who led from the sideline,
always content to let his team shine.

A man who bled orange and black,
who taught our boys to have each other’s back.

A man we couldn’t forget if we tried,
a man whose legacy reads: Tiger Pride


Thanks Coach.
Always proud to be a Tiger.
By Micah Nardini Benes
Class of 2008

Madrid Chamber of Commerce